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    Question Unanswered: Help with search form please...

    I am hoping that someone can give me a hand...

    I have been strugling with the last part of this application for a while know...

    What I am attempting to do is create a search form (or subform since I am using a multi-tab form) where the end user can search for info with the results of that search showing up in the other subform below.

    I have attached what I have done so far...any help would be appreciated.


    Copy of

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    i,ve had a quick look at your db, looks good but i'm not sure that you might have overcomplicated the form design.

    i personally would of had a form with a combobox with the afterupdate event set to requery the form.
    or you could use a text box with the afterupdate set the same way but this method is not as good a combo because users can get null results.

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