Afternoon all!!

I work in tourism and we need to send individual departure messages to 100 different guests a day. Currently these are all hand written!! The forms are pre-printed with blanks which are filled in with a mail merge from Excel. Done...

As we handle several different agents, I would like to know if it would be possible to import the agent logo onto the forms? Each agent is given a different code in the excel grid. For example:

Name Agent Dep Dte Dep Flt P/up
Mr/s SMITH KUOUK 22DEC06 MH123 1900
Mr/s JONES TRLUK 23DEC06 MH321 2000

Both agents KUOUK and TRLUK have different operator logos. Is there anyway, that during the mail merge, I can arrange it so that each of the agent logos can also be merged into the letterhead?? I have the logos.

Await eagerly a response!