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    Unanswered: Delay code until Shell Process Executes

    Hello ALL!

    When working with VB I have been able to delay processing using a customized (my own) little DLL with some API calls (as I recall) to delay code processing until the Shell command finishes (or sometimes to be on a safe side - just a little longer).

    I have no access to VB (pun intended) just MS-Access VBA.

    I seem to be lost with/around Timer and TimeInterval etc.,

    I know it is in my thinking, but maybe I had too much Holiday cheer but my thinking seems to be muddy and I am getting nowhere fast!

    Any suggestion and or ideas? A little code sample would probably do wonders.



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    this is probably much simpler than your home-made dll.


    LATER: this stuff could be useful too.
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    Delay code until Shell Process Executes

    The first one looks like is the one that should (ought to!!!) work.

    I am hampered here by having to use MS-Access ONLY. No other tools are available to me, and I have been spoiled by my previous assignments where I got what I wanted (or thought I needed) when I sked for it.

    But - beggars can't be choosers - RIGHT?

    That second one for .NET will come in handy on another assignment. But I thank you for pointing it out to me.


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