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    Unanswered: populate a query filter via a form

    I am trying to generate a query based on selections froma form:

    I have a querythat i want to filter results based on selections from my form.

    I am not sure whether to use checkboxes or a list box, either way i am not sure how to do what i want.

    I want the user to select a line or series of lines then click a button and bing the query will be run based on the selections.

    I have attached a sample of what i am tring to achieve, i need to be able to select a single line or all lines.

    i am not sure how to poopulate the query with my selections

    currently the form i have i have put on the 2 methods that i am looking at but at the moment i cant select more than one option. and even then i cant return the value to the query (i am not sure which selection method is the best either)
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    A little help

    Try this attachment. I made some "really" quick mods. Hope that helps.
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