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    Unanswered: Linking pictures to excel?

    I need help linking pictures to excel. I am making a spreadsheet to track my collection of antique swords and find the way I am linking pictures to be time-consuming and cumbersome.

    What I have been doing is

    open a comment box,
    then got to "format" on the surrounding line,
    then to "colors and lines"
    then to "color"
    Then to "fill"
    Then to "picture"
    then to "select picture"
    once the picture is selected I have to move the comment box shape to fit picture.

    I have about 100 items with at least 3 pictures each.

    Anyone know a faster way of doing this?

    Sure would appreciate it!


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    Howdy and welcome to the board. Yes, it can be done with code. I can reference for you Tom Urtis's solution on pp. 312-314 in the book VBA and Macros for MS Excel by Bill Jelen (MrExcel) et al. Because of copyright issues, I can't post it for you.

    BTW, the book is worth its weight in gold if you will do any VBA coding in Excel.
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