Hi there.
Have some production that's been running fine until yesterday. the code is failing with the following error:

-2147467259[IBM][iSeries Access ODBC Driver][DB2 UDB]SQL0802 - Data conversion or data mapping error.

I select some records from the db2 database... and the first thing i do is try to get the record count on the adodb recordset for logging purposes.
code is crashing at this point.
As i type, i have a process running that is writing out each ind record that's selected, to check for data corruption in a particular record.
Any other ideas on what I should check ? the process ran fine the day before and the total number of records selected was 2544.... and within 24 hours, i don't think the records would have increased by more than one hundred... however.... Is there a limit on the number of records i can put into a recordset?
any help would be appreciated.