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    Unanswered: [db2/sun] Sql0444n - Reason Code 4


    We have created the procedure in solaris machine over version 8.2. We are able to execute through command line by using call command. But when ever we try to execute from app server we are getting the following error.
    SQL0444N Routine "*C_STATUS
    " (specific name "SQL061218115626150") is implemented with code in library or pa
    th "..._STATUS", function "TBLBR01.USPR_GET_PROC_STATUS" which cannot be accesse
    d. Reason code: "4". SQLSTATE=42724
    ::[ExceptionMessage][IBM][CLI Driver][DB2/SUN] SQL0444N Routine "*C_STATUS" (sp
    ecific name "SQL061218115626150") is implemented with code in library or path ".
    .._STATUS", function "TBLBR01.USPR_GET_PROC_STATUS" which cannot be accessed. R
    eason code: "4". SQLSTATE=42724

    App server is in version 7. But in the test environment it's working with the same setup. Please help to me to rectify this issue....Thanks


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    are you using the same userid when executing from app server and the commandline? If not, their environmental variables may be different resulting in library not found.

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    yes i am using the same user id. Regarding the environmental variables , which will have the impact...Thanks Nagesh

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