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    Hi all,
    I feel happy to post my first thread at, and I think it's the community of DB professionals.
    my question is:
    I have two servers in my organization, one of them is running an SQL server database. Is there any way to make the second server a mirror of the first one and to make it runs automatically as the main server when the first server is down?

    Thanks for replying soon.

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    you want to read about failover clustering and log shipping.
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    This can be done with SQL 2005. They introduced Database Mirroring with SP1. Or at least support for Database Mirroring. This will only leave you with the problem of pointing the clients to the standby database. That part is not exactly trivial, unless you are programming in .NET 2.0, and are using the special connection string attributes that declare the location of the standby database.

    Another (expensive) option is to try to build a cluster. In the cluster, the standby node will automatically take over the IP address of the failed primary node. The problem is you will need to purchase a shared disk array to connect both the boxes to, since both boxes will need access to the database(s) albeit at different times. I am not sure if there are support problems associated with it, but you would ideally like to have two boxes that are almost identical hardware wise.

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    We decided to introduce mirroring with SQL 2005 SP1, because the clustering gave us some serious operational issues. We're in the fortunate situation of running our own home made software running on .Net 2.0.
    If you are still running SQL 2000 and thinking about clustering ... think twice and talk to the people who will have to maintain the machine. You might not become friends with them ....


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    Thumbs up Thanks

    Thanks for your care friends, I will try the mirroring solution, I think it's the best new technology in 2005 SP1.

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