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    Unanswered: Cannot create a frame in openroad


    I'm trying to get to grips with openroad and cannot seem to create a frame. I have the ingres DBMS installed and have created a very simple database containing one table. I have created a connection to this database and also created my first application using openroad. However I am unable to create any frames for this application, every time I try to create any frame with my application selected I am informed that "you must specify a frame template".

    The problem is that when I select my application in the wizard (as opposed to 'Core') all the templates disappear. Only by selecting the Core application do they appear and I am able to create a frame but obviously it doesn't belong to my application and can't be used as the starter.

    Any help would, as usual, be really appreciated.

    Best Regards
    George Shand

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    Cannot create a frame in openroad

    Hi George,

    You have identified a poor UI design in the "Create User Frame" dialog which should be fixed and is not logical for a new user. You assume (correctly, I think), that the "Application:" list in this dialog means "What application do I want to create this frame in?" and are changing it to your application causing the "Template:" list to display no templates -- because there aren't any in your otherwise empty application. This would be a very reasonable assumption and action for a new user.

    In fact, the "Application:" list allows you to pick the application that the template is in. When you select a different application, its templates are listed in the "Template:" list. Most people use the templates in Core and the one selected by default ("standard") is just an empty canvas. The new user frame itself will always be created in the application that was active when the File > New > User Frame menu button (or the new user frame minibar icon) was selected.

    The easiest thing to do is just click File > New > User Frame, fill in a name for your frame (and optionally a remark) and then just click OK. You'll get an empty frame ready for your creative work!


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    Hi David

    Firstly, thank you for taking the time to reply.

    Thanks to you I now understsand why I couldn't create a frame. It seems that before using any of the templates I first have to create my own from Core. I have now done this successfully with my first application and it compiles and runs successfully.


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