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    Unanswered: need help wit normalisation please

    hi there,

    please have a look at my attached normalisation.

    i am doing top-down normalisation. i have gathered nearly 80 attributes but i am very confused in my 1st normalisation it is easy to find the key for the non-repeating group and the compound key for the repeating group. however, in a long list of attributes i have chosen the key for the non-repeating group and add this key to all the other repeating group but the problem is that in the second normal form i can see that i will see that there is no relation some keys such as customer no and Auction id.

    Please help me whether i am choosing the wrong keys for the first and second form of normalisation. some friend advising me i should not choose customer no for creating the compound key in the first normal form i should choose customer no in the places it is relevent and vehicle no for other group of attributes. However, i think this way i wont be following the normalisation rules.

    Many thanks

    i look forward to hearing from you
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