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    Unanswered: disappearing users

    I am running version on HP-UX. I have a Sybase server that has 3 databases.... a prod, previous_day and start_of_day. The prod database is copied to the other two. I have a script that saves off the users and aliases on the previous_day and start_of_day databases, loads the database, then loads back the users and aliases. Now, I am seeing no errors in my log but, every now and then, my aliases or users will disappear.

    Now, I am not asking anyone to figure out my problem, I am just wondering if there is a way for me to audit, or set a flag or something to tell me when a user or alias in a database is dropped ? Thanks.


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    You could install Sybase auditing (the sybsecurity database) and audit any modifications of the sysusers table.


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