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    Unanswered: Peer Review of a DB Design?

    Hello All -

    I'm very, very new at databases and mysql but I've been fighting through it. While my efforts have "physically worked", I always fear - and am basically certain - that the way I'm designing my DBs are very, very inefficient.

    While I strive for 3rd level normalization, I'm never certain I've achieved it correctly... or even achieved it at all. And my mysql queries? OMG! I'm sure anyone who's profession is mysql would take one look at my cobbled-together efforts and either burst our laughing or double over with instant stomach pain.

    Being an all-around one-man-band web developer (coming from a graphic design background) I find myself with little opportunity to substantially concentrate on any one of the many disaplines required for my profession. The same, obviously, holds true for DB design and query strategies.

    I've read a lot on the web about relational database design, but I am living and working from a rural part of Southeast Asia where there are no support/user groups to which I can visit to ask advice, get clarification, or be lead back to the right track.

    So... I'm wondering if any one of the good folks here would be willing to take a look at the design of a current project and give their opinion, insight and constructive critique of what I've done so far.

    I wish I could pay someone for this - and would be happy to as things become more financially stable - but working from behind the bamboo curtian with a wife and three kids to support doesn't leave much room for consulting fees ... yet.


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    Try me ... and some other regulars in this forum. That's why we are here for. To help you guys out in the Database jungle ...
    But don't question so much about yourself. It looks like you realy tried and you ended up with a acceptable sollution for yourself. That's the most important. If the implementation would lack any DB 'rules', you might not be able to get it working at all. So the fact that it is working (at least for your purposes) is a first indication that it can't be that bad.
    And yes, we (the guys with 10+ years of DB design experience) probably can find some things that might be implemented smoother, but that is just the experience talking.

    So post the design for starters and we'll have a look at it.
    ... and no one is talking about $$$ here, it's a free forum with free advice and anyone is free to answer ... or not


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    Yveau01 -

    Thank you so much for your kind words and willingness to assist; my looming dispair and feelings of technical inadequacy has been eased considerably!

    Of course, after a mad search through my hard drive, the .gif diagram of the project I'm working has vaporized. I've done an HTML dump of the schema from sqlYOG (the client software I use to create my DBs), but I see that I cannot upload HTML here.

    So, I will re-create the diagram within the next few days and post same for anyone and everyone to take a look at.

    I'll post it under the title of Peer Review of DB ATTACHED so it doesn't get lost down the list.

    Geez, thank you - all of you here - again for your willingness to my stuff a look.


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