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    Unanswered: Help with a form

    I have part of a form I need help with. This is a sub form to another form. The second line (gasCPU etc.) are general fuel costs that I would input when the price changes. Step and fuel come from a table of different processes. When I pick a step to use I want the fuel associated with that to be automatically entered into the fuel box which I cant get it to do right now. Time is the time it takes for the process which I would enter in hours and minutes. Cost needs to be time times the cost of the particular fuel. There are many steps to each job. Total time is the sum of all the times and total cost is the sum of all costs. Im not sure how to enter in all the formulas and calculations and where they should go. I have attached a file of that part of the form.
    Any ideas?
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    I'm afraid i don't have the time at the minute to help in any detail but i think i can point you in the right direction. Set a update or append query to run when you set the fuel in the main form
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