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    Unanswered: Text number to Date Format?

    My IT Manager has a spreadsheet that he imported some 40,000 dates into.
    They are all formatted as text though, so we cannot simply change the cell format to receive the correct date. It takes the number, gives it a date format, but completely alters the date to something foreign. Can someone please show me how to convert this data via VB or some other way (leaving it in Excel) to reflect the right date. See attachment for what we are trying to accomplish on a larger scale. TIA.
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    Howdy and welcome to the board.

    If you want to use another column to make it look like date, then use this formula for C1


    If you need it eventually in true date, then copy/paste special values.
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    Thank you!

    Rich ~

    Thanks for the info - it works perfect!
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    Why not just use Data>Text to columns... and select MDY on the 3rd step?

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