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    Unanswered: query on a view via JDBC: first time succeeds, second time fails (syntax error)

    I have the following problem on Informix SE 7.25.UC1:
    A view is created, and than this view is queried via JDBC connection (a simpe select statement is run on columns of the view).
    When the query runs at first time, it works fine.
    But when the same query is run at the second time, it fails with syntax error:
    java.sql.SQLException: A syntax error has occurred.
    at com.informix.util.IfxErrMsg.getSQLException(IfxErr
    at com.informix.jdbc.IfxSqli.addException(IfxSqli.jav a:3025)
    at com.informix.jdbc.IfxSqli.receiveError(IfxSqli.jav a:3335)
    at com.informix.jdbc.IfxSqli.dispatchMsg( :2288)
    at com.informix.jdbc.IfxSqli.receiveMessage(IfxSqli.j ava:2208)
    at com.informix.jdbc.IfxSqli.executeStatementQuery(If
    at com.informix.jdbc.IfxSqli.executeStatementQuery(If
    at com.informix.jdbc.IfxResultSet.executeQuery(IfxRes
    at com.informix.jdbc.IfxStatement.executeQueryImpl(If
    at com.informix.jdbc.IfxStatement.executeQuery(IfxSta

    The java application is a servlet running on Apache. The only way of making the query work again, is to restart Apache.
    Any idea? Any similar experience? Thank you in advance.

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    I have the same problem.

    I see your post is very old. Did you ever find the solution. I"m desperate!!!

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