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    Unanswered: oracle express

    I want to ask If oracle express can cooperate with oracle form and reports.
    Basically I want to set up oracle db at my home PC (Win xp pro- Pentium 4- 3 Ghz,1 GB ram )for learning purpose with out making my system "heavy", so what is the best solution?

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    Sure; no problem. Download Oracle XE (Express Edition) from the Oracle Technology Network (you'll see it on the homepage, in the Featured Downloads section) and install it. Directory XE resides in is called "Oracle Home".

    Then install Developer Suite (download it from the same site) and install it into different directory (i.e. Developer Suite should have another Oracle Home).

    Use Net Configuration Assistant (or even copy TNSNAMES.ORA and SQLNET.ORA from XE/network/admin directory to Develper_Suite/network/admin one) and everything should work.

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    Isn't "Oracle Express" technically the name of some OLAP product the exact purpose of which nobody will ever understand?

    The free desktop database product is called "Oracle 10g Express Edition" (XE).

    The rapid web application development tool is called "Oracle Application Express".

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