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    Unanswered: How do I import data into access?

    Hello. I've the Microsoft Office 2000 Professional version of Access and have all this data I've extracted and formatted into a text document, however I'm looking for a database program to manipulate this data and make it a little easier on the eyes in an organized fashion but I've no idea how I would automatically import this data into access(Or put into an access document). Is there a way to do this programmatically(Using C or C++)? I'm expecting to handle a large volume of information, so I'm not really seeking to do it by hand.

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    You can import text files, either delimited (where each record is seperated by a delimitting character such as a comma or quotations mark, etc) or fixed length(where each record is the same number of characters long) just using Access. Basically you have to define a table in Access with all the fields found in your text file, and make sure that the table fields match the text file fields in datatype. For all the gory details, fire up Access Help and type in "import text." Then select Import or link a delimited or fixed-width text file.
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    If you want to do this programmatically then you probably need to look at DoCmd.TransferText and also import specifications.

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