Dear All,
I have a form based on a query and that query is based on few tables. For some reason I cannot add another table from which I need to add one field "TransRate" in the query on which the form is based on.

I don't know if somehow that field "TransRate" could be brought up after I click/choose an employee from the comobox?

This is the current code on "After Update" event procedure. Please note that this procedure already does the same thing I want for "InterpretersRate" and I hope same could be done on "TransRate"

Private Sub EmployeeID_AfterUpdate()

Dim intEmployeeID, intLanguageID, intClientID As Integer
Dim EmployeeRate, curClientRate As Currency
Dim strEmployeeComment As String

On Err GoTo ErrHandler
'initialising variables
strEmployeeComment = ""
EmployeeRate = 0

If IsNull(Me.Language1ID) Then
MsgBox "Please select a language" & vbNewLine & "before selecting an Employee."
intLanguageID = Me.Language1ID.Value
'MsgBox "Language ID: " & intLanguageID
End If

' Refresh picture of Employee

On Error GoTo ErrChk_Employee_picture

If IsNull(Me!PhotographPath) Then
Me![EmployeePicture].Picture = ""
Me![EmployeePicture].Picture = Me![PhotographPath]
End If


Debug.Print "EmployeeID_Change"
If EmployeeID.Properties.Count > 0 Then
intEmployeeID = Me.EmployeeID
txtEmployeePhoneNumber.Value = GetEmployeePhoneNumber

If IsNull(DLookup("Instruction", "ServiceLanguageEmployee", "id = " & intEmployeeID)) Then
Me.txtEmployeeComment = ""
strEmployeeComment = DLookup("Instruction", "Employee", "id = " & intEmployeeID)
Me.txtEmployeeComment = strEmployeeComment
End If
'Finding the Employee rate
If IsNull(DLookup("EmployeeRate", "ServiceLanguageEmployee", "EmployeeID = " & intEmployeeID & " AND Language1ID = " & intLanguageID)) Then
MsgBox "There is no hourly rate" & vbNewLine & "set for this Employee"
Me.EmployeeRate = 0
EmployeeRate = DLookup("EmployeeRate", "ServiceLanguageEmployee", "EmployeeID = " & intEmployeeID & " AND Language1ID = " & intLanguageID)
Me.EmployeeRate = EmployeeRate
End If

End If
Exit Sub


If Err.Number = 2220 Then

Me![EmployeePicture].Picture = ""
Err = 0
Resume Next
End If

Exit Sub

End Sub
Thank you for your help in advance! Emi