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    Unanswered: Custom format number

    Hi guys,

    i need to do something like this in DB2 and oracle. I have a String which actually is a number(upto 2 decimal places) converted to string. i need to format then number according to the delimiter i have.

    eg1: number is 1234567890. i need to format like
    eg2 123456789.09 -> 123,456,789.09

    is there any built in function or a UDF which can accomplish this task ?

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    No. There is no built in function. You will need to write your own UDF.


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    Well, since DB2 doesn't really _display_ numbers, but only _retrieves_ them, the question doesn't make a lot of sense. It will depend on what you use to display your numbers. For example, printf() can do it for you if you use C, or Java's NumberFormat.
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