Hi everyone,

As part of a BCP (Business Continuity Plan) I have to set a solution for high availability for SQL Server Databases. This is the scenario:

Main office at NY City. Main database with partitioned tables storing current and historic data since 10 years ago.
Hot Site (remote ) at St Louis Misouri. Databases have to be available in case of disaster at NY City Office. We want to keep at hot site at least 1 year of history.

Current Situation: the full database backup size is around 100GB. For log Shipping I will have to restore it at hot site serve. The constraints are that we do not want to keep all the history only one year.. and the transfering of the backup files to hot site may take to much time.. that means expense($$$$) for us.

For replication, I have read is not the best option for high availability... but it will help us to filter the data we want to keep at hot site. There is a recovery issue to keep in mind in case of recovering data at Main Site after a disaster (if the building still existing ..).

I want to understand what is the best option (minor risk of data loss, administration, cost $$$ based on usage of bandwith,...) regardless of Clustering and Database Mirroring .. we have implemented database mirroring locally in another server...

Thanks for your advise..