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    Unanswered: How to select using where in Excel NO headers

    I am trying to reference a column in a Excel sheet but there are no headers I need to State a WHERE cluse from the "B" column of the sheet.
    Example: SELECT * FROM [UPSCN$] WHERE this is where I need help I need to qry the b column in excel. USIng ADO
    Thank you

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    Since there is no server, the entire sheet is copied from the file to the ado client anyway, so I would recommend

    a) load the entire sheet into the recordset, and
    b) apply a filter to the resultant recordset. after loading the data, rs.Field(1).Name holds the name of the "field" which you could then use in the filter.

    rs.filter = rs.field(1).Name & " = 'ABC'
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