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    Unanswered: Import table from Control File


    I just start learning an oracle and currently using Oracle 10g Express Edition. So my question, is it possible to import a table using control file. From what I understand the control File only use to insert the data into a table that already created, right? If it possible, can some show how to do it, I just try using SQL Loader but got an error.

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    I suggest that you take some time to read the fine Concepts Manual; which contains a complete description of the (DB's) control file & its function.
    Plus you should also read the Utilities Manual to learn about SQLLOADER.

    The SQLLOADER utility (sqlldr) can be used to load a flat file into a table.

    A possible area of confusion is that the term "control file" is used for two different files; depending upon context.

    The database has its own control file.
    SQLLDR can/may have/use a "control file" to direct its operation.
    BUT while teh same term is used; they are two DIFFERENT & SEPARATE files.
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    also search on this board for "sqlloader" or "control file" to find a large amount of examples on file loading
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