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    Unanswered: Making setup files

    i got the access 2003 developer to make setup files for my database. which has a fe and be the fe tables are linked to the be and are both in the same dir. after i create the setup files and install it it puts all the files in c:\programs files\mydatabase. then my linked tables are no longer linked. is there a way once they open the data base for the first time it will ask the user for where the data file is and relink all the tables.

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    are you using visual studio access deployment wizard.

    if so then you can name a sub folder for the back end to be placed in to, but it has to be a sub folder of program files.

    to get a round this you need to modify you db app before you package it.

    place you backend in the desired folder (program files\common) or where ever you wish.

    delete all of the tables from your front end and then link them again to the back end which is now in the correct destination.

    you'll need to do the same for your icons etc.

    you will find that the runtime package differs slightly from access 2003, it does not support all of the vb commands and methods in the same way as the standard access 2003 package.

    in my experience i would suggest that you thouroughly test your package in runtime before you deploy it.

    the problem is that you cannot test it on a machine that already has access 2003 installed. even if you install your access package complete with runtime by default it will open in access 2003. so you won't find any problems untill you distrubute it to users.

    i'm keen to know how you get on, i'm just about ready to deploy my package after solving all the teething problems.

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