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    Question Unanswered: New application with Visual Studio 2003 .NET

    I want to create a MFC multiple document application. A MYSQL-Server (4.x) is set up and can be accessed via web (e.g. phpmyadmin).

    Can anybody tell me, how to set up a new project, if I want to connect to a MYSQL-Database? Are there any good tutorials or documents handling this? What is the best method to connect to the database in your opinion?

    Thanks in advance.
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    to connect to MySQL you can wither use ODBC or the MySQL data adapter... both are downloadable form the MySQL site

    you will need to add the references to you project for which ever method you plan on using to access the db

    there are some good tutorials if you google for them. I thinks its arguable whetehr you are better off using the data adapter or ODBC. either should work, so fidn the verion you want. ODBC is the older of the technologies but works fine.
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