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    Unanswered: Error importing with TransferSpreadsheet Function


    I have created a Macro using the TransferSpreadSheet Function.

    It brings up an error message

    My Table that I am trying to import the data into you can view here

    As you can see the ProductCode Field is the Primary Key.

    Also the ProductCode & VendorCode Field have the setting of No Duplicates allowed.

    As what I want is when I import the data is it updates, deletes, adds the records that are in the database table with the newer imported data, without duplicating all the records when I import.

    Can people advise on whats the best way to do this.


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    The error says that you have duplicate data in one of the two fields that do not allow duplicates.

    I would import the entire spreadsheet to a table with not restrictions, then run a query to delete the duplicates.

    It seems odd to have No Duplicates on a Vendor ID field in what appears to be a product table. What if one vendor can supply two products?
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