I've run into a problem in the design of a report.

Letter size landscape mode. Access 2003.

Under my report footer all of my data objects are just above the 3" marker on the left of the page. Zero marker is on the report footer.

They are:
Report Header
Page Header
Detail 1 record heigth
Listname footer 1 record heigth
Page footer
Report Footer

The 1 inch marker on the left is 1 inch below the footer!

How can I determine how many inches from the top of the page are used up, down to the footer, if I can't see them on the left, which I can't?

Also, the design page will not go beyond 22" horizontally." I tried setting this to a higher number (Properties) but Access will not allow it.

I need to place 4 embedded one page charts under the report footer.
I can only get about 3 pages and the third chart will not expand to a full sized 8 1/2 x 11" page landscape.

If I embedd a one page linked chart as an icon will it print as a full sized 8 1/2 x 11 page landscape mode?

Thanks . . . Rick