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    Unanswered: can a SQL2005 DB be hosted on a SQL2000 server ?

    I'd like to host a small website created using VS2005 EE with a company that offers just SQL2000 DB support.
    My question, can i use the DB created by VS site manager as a DB to the site, if not, is there any alternatives.

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    in general, this won't work. what you are asking for is forward compatibility, which is impossible to deliver in practice. it's like expecting apps written for Vista to work on windows 95. If you are developing for 2000, you should use the 2000 tools.

    on the other hand, as long as your db doesn't use any 2005 features not present in 2000 (such as CLR procs, xml columns, etc) then your DDL scripts should execute ok.

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