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    Unanswered: unexplainable auto generated object names

    hi, could someone please tell me how/why Oracle is generating table/index names such as 'BIN$n/Utth4iQi6GFSBWWEM8IQ==$0' etc etc? Also, is it safe to delete these objects from 10g?

    SQL> select object_name, object_type from user_objects;
    OBJECT_NAME                                   OBJECT_TYPE
    --------------------------------------------- -------------------
    BIN$n/Utth4iQi6GFSBWWEM8IQ==$0                TABLE
    AT                                            PROCEDURE
    BIN$iDpfiWNbTVaP46ul8JdJEQ==$0                TABLE
    BIN$AJww1/w/Tz20DpI5uOLALA==$0                TABLE
    BIN$RXiddNqITi6YlrSuRffE4Q==$0                INDEX
    TEST                                          TABLE
    INS_INT                                       PROCEDURE
    D                                             TABLE
    VVV                                           VIEW
    BIN$aP/iSdvKSRqV5WRtD80C4g==$0                TABLE
    A                                             TABLE
    11 rows selected.
    thanks in advance!

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    It is about Oracle's Flashback technology.

    Those objects have been dropped (for example, DROP TABLE test;), but not entirely - they have been stored into the Recycle Bin (similar as the one on Microsoft Windows operating systems). If you wish, you can restore them or purge (delete from recycle bin).

    Read more about this concept here, or search for additional info by yourself.

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    Thanks for that littlefoot!

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