Hello everyone,

We are presently running a PHP and DB2 web environment which is going to be upgraded soon with newer hardware to increase performance and redundancy. Presently our DB2 server contains all the text information for all our websites in databases. All our images, which are part of the web pages and our photos (jpg) which are part of the database records (e.g. photos of buildings, land, etc) are stored and served up from the application server (php/apache).
What I'd like to do is have 2 partitions on the DB server. One for all our databases (50+) and another partition to store all the image files (not in database). This leaves the application server responsible for the web code which points to the DB server which will server up the text or images. The reason I'd like to do this is to consolidate data to one computer, in which the infrastructure will be a little more robust and easier to backup.
What is the standard or best practice on this sort of thing? If more details are required just let me know.

Your assistance is greatly appreciated!