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    Unanswered: detect any update in remote postgresql table


    I'm new to develop postgresql application with VB6 under windows.
    My VB application is connecting to the remote PostgreSQL.

    I want to let my VB application catch any changes of a specific table
    in the remote PostgreSQL DB as a VB event.

    Is it possible? If so or any equivalent effect, please let me know how to do it.

    Thanks in advance

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    AFAIK, there's nothing standard in postgresql to support this directly.

    You could add a trigger in the to update a timestamp in a separate "flag" table when changes are made.

    Is the remote server running on Windows or Linux? If it's Windows, and you have install priviledges, you could write/install a little monitor app that polls the table periodically (every second or two) to check this "flag" table. If the flag is set, signal your client app using winsock.

    Note. You might also consider this: If you set up a distinct, separate tablespace for your target table (and ONLY the table) then changes to the table will result in the tablespace data file timestamp being updated... You might be able to monitor a file remotely...
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