When I add ORCILENT10.DLL into CODGMOR.INI file I receive the below error.

Error number -53:

DMS-E-YV_LOADSGIFAILED, Unable to load the 'attach database' gateway.
DMS-E-DBDLL_SYSTEMERR, An unexpected Windows error (193) occurred while attempting to load the dynamic link library 'ORACLIENT10.DLL'.

When I take it out I receive the below error.

Error number -45:

DMS-E-YV_SGINOTSUPP, The database type 'attach database' associated with the database name '?' is not supported.
DMS-E-DBDLL_NOTFOUND, The dynamic link library '<unknown>, check INI file' could not be located in the search path or one of its dependent dynamic link libraries failed to load.

Please help?????