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    Unanswered: system error 127

    Hi to everyone,
    I'm new to oracle and asp. Well I have created a database using oracle 10g it works fine if i work with the sql screen. I can add and view data in the database. I am using dreamweaver to create a web interface for the db so I set up a site with asp pages. I have connected to the db as I can see my tables. I used the form wizard to crreate a form for one of the tables. All good so far. I run the page in a web browser and it runs but when i enter data in the fields and click on the insert button i get a system error 127. I had set the page to go back to itself after inserting when the wizard was running to ceate the form. If anyone can help please do.

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    Put more information on this error. Is that all it says? Have you configured your web browser NOT to display friendly HTTP Error messages? You'll need to do that first to get more detailed error messages.

    I had lots of problems to get Oracle working with ASP ... Specially regarding permissions related to the IIS users on Oracle folders. I can't say that's the problem ... Also, is your ADO configured right? Have you tried to connect throu an asp page? Try a simple query first, just to make sure you're connecting.

    Here's my connection config:

    set objConn = server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
      ConnString = "Provider = MSDAORA; "
      ConnString = ConnString & "Data Source = data_source_name; "
      ConnString = ConnString & "User ID = user_id; "
      ConnString = ConnString & "Password = password; " ConnString
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