I have a simple database in MySql for my site based on an excel sheet i have. In the excel sheet i have columns called "Fee" (F Column), "Stage" (G column) and "Total Weighted GM".

Fee is a dollar amount and stage is a number between 0 and 5. Total weighted GM is calculated using this formula "=IF(G6=0,0,IF(G6=1,F6*25%,IF(G6=2,F6*50%,IF(G6=3, F6*75%,IF(G6=4,F6*90%,IF(G6=5,F6*0,0))))))"

Basically the forumla creates a number based on what stage is selected (i.e stage 0 is 0 stage 1 is 25% of what the fee is, etc..)

What is the best way in getting the fee, stage and resulted calculation displayed when selecting all of the rows in this table?

thansk so much for the help!!