All of a sudden an access application is locking up when trying to update or delete a record on a table linked to a database on a sql server 2000. When I step through the code it locks up at the line gwspXXX.BeginTrans.

I can select and view info using this app. I can use query analyzer and delete a record from the same table that the access application is trying to get to when it locks up. I have other applications that use this same database(although different tables using a different named workspace)

any idea on what is wrong

The application gives the error " The expression on click that you entered as the event property produced the error: The expression may not result in the name of a macro, the name of a user defined function or the event procedure. The may have been an error evaluating the event fuction or macro"

as I said one day it works fine the next - not so much- no code has changed. and the line it stop on is the BeginTrans.

Thank you very very much for any help