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    Unanswered: error of date type field in SQL server 2000 & mshflexgrid

    this is my problem.
    mshflexgrid converts date value from to yyyy-mm-dd or mm.dd.yyyy

    When i use JetOLEDB & .mdb file
    I can show correctly date type field in mshflexgrid with str() function.
    For example"Select str(MyDateField) from table
    set mshflexgrid.datasource = rst

    i can see ' namely good
    when i dont use str() function i see mm.dd.yyyy ' bad version

    Now, i'm using SQL server 2000 & mdf file.
    mshflexgrid don't show correctly date field ( i want it to be like ) because i cant use str() function with SQL sever 2000 & mdf file

    For example"Select str(MyDateField) from table... occur error
    When i want to use Convert function in SQL server 2000 & mdf file
    it automaticly converts it like Jun 18 2004 12:00AM but i dont want this

    I want see this 18.06.2004 in Mshflexgrid.
    What can i do. help me pls.

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    Why convert to a string? Why not load it in mshflexgrid as a date and put a mask on it or something?

    But if you insist, search for "CAST and CONVERT" in the BOL and look up the use for the optional third parameter of the CONVERT function.

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