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    Unanswered: ADO and Output Parameters from SQL

    Hi guys,
    I have a huge problem with an app that I inherited. It is a VB6 app that used RDO.
    I am trying to convert it to use ADO, but the problem I am running into is DBA's wrote allot of stored procedures with OUTPUT parameter's, so instead of the procedure having a SELECT to pass back the value, it is passed back via the OUTPUT parameter.
    With RDO this is done easily with just passing back the parameter to a variable.
    I am not sure how to do this with ADO. Please shine some light for me.

    Here is an example:
    RDO code:
    Private rqAddRecord As RDO.rdoQuery
    Private rs As RDO.rdoResultset
    Set rqAddRecord = SQLServerDB.CreateQuery("", MakeSP("sp_UpdCourier", 11))

    With rqAddRecord
    .rdoParameters(0) = "I"
    .rdoParameters(1) = m.nCourierDeliveryID
    .rdoParameters(2) = m.dDeliveryDate
    .rdoParameters(3) = m.nCourierServiceID
    .rdoParameters(4) = m.nCourierID
    .rdoParameters(5) = m.sCourierDepartment
    .rdoParameters(6) = m.dTimeStart
    .rdoParameters(7) = m.dTimeComplete
    .rdoParameters(8) = g.sDatabaseUserName
    .rdoParameters(9) = m.dInvoiceDate
    .rdoParameters(10) = m.sInvoiceNumber


    m.nCourierDeliveryID = .rdoParameters(1)
    End With

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    You'll use ado command objects to pass parameters to/from stored procedures.
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