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    I hope someone's got some idea what's going on.

    I have a program which uses 3 separate access databases, the largest of which can go up to about 400Mb before it is compacted. I have a particular customer who is losing information when writing back to the database. For example, they will create an invoice, print it (using Crystal Reports) - information appears correctly, but when they come back to look at the invoice later, some of the information is missing. I know it's not a code problem (Vb6) as I have other customers using the same system with no problems at all.

    Any ideas anyone?


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    Is the data that's being displayed ACTUALLY being saved? Can you verify that all the pieces are in the table(s)? Do you have any errors in your save process?
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    If it shows in a Crystal Report then at that time it has been saved into the Access database. So you are looking for someone or somthing that is deleting the data. I had a customer that had data that disappeared and it turned out they hired someone that knew Access and he was going to help them optimize their business. After some data disappeared I asked him to show me what he was doing. He would create a query then when the results showed too many records he would just remove the records from the query that he didn't want. Effectively deleting the data.

    You might also want to check to see if any relationships have been setup with Referential Integrity. Check to see if any have Cascading Deletes that you aren't expecting.

    Other questions I have... Is the missing data in one database or all databases? Is the data missing from one table or more than one table? Are records being deleted? Or is it field level data? Have you repaired any of the databases recently? What happens if you import the tables into another database?

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