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Thread: SQL problems

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    Unanswered: SQL problems

    I have 5 comboboxes where I list the value (of the type string) from five different columns in a table.

    The user can choose to search on one, two or every comboboxes in a question and press the button search.

    The problem is how I can build a question to be able to choose one or more fields? The fields that aren't chosen are empty (Null)

    Select field1, field2 field3, field4 field5 from table
    Where field1 like ' & cbo1 & " ' and field2 like ' " & cbo2 & " ' ...

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    How about:

    WHERE field1 = nz(forms!yourForm!yourCbo, field1)
    oh yeah... documentation... I have heard of that.

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    You'll probably want to do something like:

        Dim strFilter As String
        'Initialize the clause.
        strFilter = ""
        'If the Paper Size is specified
        If Me.cboPaperSize & "" > "" Then
            strFilter = strFilter & " AND [PaperSizeID] = " & Me.cboPaperSize
        End If
        'If the Printer is specified
        If Me.cboPrinter & "" > "" Then
            strFilter = strFilter & " AND [Printer] =" & Me.cboPrinter
        End If
    This example only has two fields. For your example you would want to continue adding three more fields. Also, the names of the fields need to be changed for your situation.

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    Thanks a lot for your answer.

    I shall try Nz first.

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