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    Unanswered: dbase iv index help needed

    Currently have a Dbase iv file that needs editing. The database was created with an index and this displays when you browse the file using the windows dbase iv program. Included, there is no index name and 5 fileds (AKA Tags)associated with the index.

    My problem is I need to delete 2006 data and keep 2007 data with reindexing the database. I recieve an error that the file is opened within the windows based command line when trying to reindex; to include having the index corrupted and non-usable. Performed many command line tries to reindex with creating a short dbase program to index the file. I had some success after upteen cancels and reprocess with having the file being index on the multifields, but the browse function does not display the index or tags!!!!

    The history of the database is that it was created by another person and being used by a Borland Delphi program requiring the tgs for the index... Without the tags, the borland Delphi program does not recognize the data and gives an error of tags not being present....

    ANy suggestions as to a resolve and how do you index or reindex within the Dbase IV windows command line without recieving errors of the 'file being open' and after many tries the 'too many files open" message...

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    Delete Problem

    did you try this on the command line:

    if you use the database with the index active and type

    dele for year(date) = 2006

    this should delete all info for 2006 and update your index for you automatically. I am A DBXL (DbaseIII) programmer by trade! still!!!

    Hope that helps


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