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    Unanswered: Porting an existant application from ms access to Sql server

    My database knowledge are with MySql and Oracle, but recently I was asked to evaluate the migration of an existing (and maybe more) from ms access to sql server. My question is simple, if all of the sql are hard coded into the code ... how well this sql will work, I mean is the sql between access and sql server are plug'n'play ? However in any case, I always rewiew all of the sql.

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    No, MS Access SQL is not directly portable to SQLSVR TSQL. They are similiar enough to be identical for simple queries, but moderately complex statements will probably not run on both platforms so some rewriting will be necessary. Also, there are subtle differences in the available datatypes between Access and SQL Server.

    Microsoft provides a wizard for upsizing Access databases SQL Server which does a pretty good job of transferring the tables and converting the code.
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