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    Hi: Can any one please tell me the difference b/w TSQL and simple SQL. Also there is a a TSQL use in my VB6 Program, how to i find that SQL in SQL Server?
    cnADOSQL.Execute "DBCC CHECKIDENT ('tbl_distlist_balrange', RESEED, 0)"


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    Quote Originally Posted by mustish1
    Hi: Can any one please tell me the difference b/w TSQL and simple SQL.
    T-SQL is a lot more complicated

    however, T-SQL can also do a lot more

    is that what you were looking for? | @rudydotca
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    TSQL is simply Microsoft SQL Server's version of the ANSII SQL Standard. Mostly, it differs in having additional functionality that has not (yet) become part of the ANSII standard. I think that any ANSII compliant code will execute as TSQL, but TSQL code will not necessarily execute on other engines.

    The statement you are looking at is a DBCC command, which stands for "Database Consistency Check". It is functionality that is built in to SQL Server and the code cannot be viewed. You can look up what it does in Books Online.
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    FYI, DBCC CHECKIDENT ('tbl_distlist_balrange', RESEED, 0) is reseeding the tbl_distlist_balrange table. This is normally run after you delete data from a table and want the counter on the table to restart from what ever settings you have on the IDENTITY field.

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