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    Unanswered: Showing Forms

    does some one know if I can show let's say three forms togehter on one screen; i.e. can I manage the exact position a form is shown (with vba?)
    Thanks Felix

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    Hope this helps!

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    All posts/responses based on Access 2003/2007

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    just about anything in the access object model can be changed via VB

    so if you can see the property in a form or report then you can manipulate that object. you can also create abjects on the fly (eg adding new controls on forms or reports)

    the only bugbear I can remember is understanding the different display modes and co-ordinate values used in VB. Not sure if its carried over into VBA but it used to hack me off manipulating different objects with different coordinate/measurement systems).

    bear in mind you can also get values from another form
    you may need to hook some code into the forms on re-size event
    this way round you can overide a users settings.

    it helps if you go down this route to have a standrad platform where you know the screen resolution and have less to worry about when repostioning things. you can get the screen resolution through an API call

    personally I wouldn't bother... i'd let the user decide on the layout they want to use..
    its amazing how flexible and adaptable users are, especially if you let then do what they want rather than what you think they may have wanted

    if the users needs to see all 3 forms at the same time, then Id suggest there may be something flaky about your user interface or physical design.
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