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    Unanswered: Progress Database on Windows

    My company is currently running Progress on SCO Unix. We plan on upgrading and I am trying to decide between using Windows OS or UNIX. I know UNIX is great for large robust systems. My consultant is also pushing for UNIX, kind of a monopoly here. Anyway, our database is fairly small 15gb with 50 users.

    I am gearing towards windows because

    1. We plan on creating frontend in .net and all ODBC/NATIVE connectivity might be easier on windows.

    2. We are complete Windows enviornment, except for this box.
    3. The database is quite small and user workload.
    4. All programmers and IT staff is Windows fluent.

    I was wondering if anyone can help pitch some information my way to help with my decision making. How is Progress on Windows by the way?


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    do you need info about this yet?

    we run progress v10.0 open edge en windows server 2003.

    let me know

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