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    Question Unanswered: Significant virtual memory paging was detected on the host operating system.

    I got a #1 performance issue in EM adviser as following:
    Host operating system was experiencing significant paging but no particular root cause could be detected. Investigate processes that do not belong to this instance running on the host that are consuming significant amount of virtual memory. Also consider adding more physical memory to the host.
    The machine that Oracle server is running on has more than 2GB of RAM and SGA related parameters are: sga_max_size = 900 MB and sga_target = 800 MB.
    I went to windows taskmanager and found these properties for oracle.exe process:
    • current memory usage = 883 MB
    • peak memory usage = 942 MB
    • VM size = 904 MB
    • paged pool = 116 KB
    • number of page faults = 23,821,676 !!!

    OK, I guess I should give more VM space for oracle at first place. Am I right?
    Is there any other meaningful fact you can extract from these data?
    Your help will be so appreciated friends.
    - Thanks

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    I would suggest you first check how big your PGA is (as its outside of the SGA) and also check using task manager what other non Oracle processes are running and if they are using significant amounts of memory.


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    Thanks for your reply Alan,
    Current pga_aggregate_target is 194 MB and I thinks it is reasonable. Am I missing sth here?
    BTW, there is not other heavy process on this machine like Oracle. There is an IIS running but it is more likely a dedicated server for Oracle.
    Any idea friends?

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