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    Unanswered: varying Versions of Object Libraries

    I have a database on a network that is accessed by multiple users. My IT department refuses to update all computers to the same version (I have asked multiple times), so I have some users with older versions of Office than others. Specifically, some users only have access to version 9.0 object libraries, while others (like myself) have version 11.

    If I go into the code of one database, even if I don't explicitly change the Reference to v11.0, it get's changed. When another user with v9.0 tries to run the dB, he gets a big error, and I have to go into his computer and change the reference back.

    Does anyone know why it automatically changes? Is there any way to lock the dB on v9.0? Other than Late Binding?
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    Library Reference from Code

    Try this link. Look under "Setting a Reference from Visual Basic". This should at least get you started in the right direction.


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    I do it like this

    I keep only these few references

    Visual Basic for Applications
    Microsoft Access #
    Microsoft DAO 3.6
    Microsoft ADO 2.1
    OLE Automation

    Then late bind everything else.

    Sometimes, when moving from 2003 and below in versions, it won't work, but since I'm only using the Access library, it's usually enough just closing the db, and opening it again. Then I have a text control in the opening form, with a caption of something like

    "An error occured, please close the database and open it again."

    which gets overwritten by startup code, when there's no problem.

    So, in the few cases there's a problem, the users get noticed, can close and reopen the app, and voila.

    I can't get the @# search to work, but I think it was the member izyrider who posted a solution/suggestion for changing this programatically. Perhaps someone else can point you to it?

    Else, Michka's articles on this subject might surely be something to have a go at

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