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    Unanswered: A problem with MSAccess.EXE


    When I use MSAcess.exe application and try to open any form from main menu it takes long time to open it, and i noticed in CPU history it uses 99% of CPU while the Ram remains almost 50% empty. What make access goes to this buttle nick?

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    just out of curiosity, when was the last time you ran tools | compact & repair?

    is the applciation doing anything as part of the open.. is it trrying to connect to a remote data source, is it doing some local processing (eg copy tables form remote to local
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    and if healdem's C&R doesn't help, make a copy of your db and /decompile it.

    google decompile before you try - there are several wrinkes in the process so it is prudent to research on a few dozen sites first. this is not a bad place to start but find some others for 'completeness'.

    IMPORTANT please only /decompile a COPY of your db - it is very easy to kill a db irrecoverably stone dead using this startup parameter.

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