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    Unanswered: exporting oracle tables from unix to windows microsoft access

    i have a unix server running oracle database and need to export a table and import it to access on a windows machine. any idea of what i should do?

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    -- log in to sql plus
    -- set some parameters
    set serveroutput on;
    set head off;
    set pagesize 10000;
    set linesize 10000;
    set arraysize 1;
    --open a spool file
    spool path/file.txt;
    -- execute a select statement with each element of the table delimited by the pipe symbol
    -- OR USE TOAD 
    spool off;
    --launch access, FILE, GET EXTERNAL DATA, IMPORT

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    Create an ODBC link on the machine running access that points to the oracle machine. Then you can do one of two things.

    1) Create an external ODBC link in the files tab and simply use the oracle table directly.
    2) Import the table by using new/import under the file tab.

    The nice thing about import is that it keeps the column names, types, and sizes
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