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    Unanswered: Adding the result of an expression to date


    The SQL Server DATEADD function can be simulated in simulated as shown below

    SQL Server : SELECT DATEADD(day, 21, '11-JAN-2007');

    PostgreSQL : SELECT timestamp '11-JAN-2007' + interval '21 day';

    I have a particular scenario where the number of days to be added is no known beforehand
    and is calculated using certain functions as shown below :

    SELECT DATEADD(day,12-DATEPART(dw,'11-JAN-2007'),'11-JAN-2007') ;
    SELECT DATEADD(day,12-DATEPART(dw,order_date),delivery_date) from orders;

    Now i am not able to provide these function expressions in the interval option of PostgreSQL, it accepts only integers .
    The interval '21 day' does not accept functions in place of the integer value.

    Is there a way to cast the result of a function as a day and then add it to date.

    I want to do this in a single select query instead of using a stored procedure.

    thanks in advance.

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    the following expression returns all records from a calendar table for the month of February, 2005

    select * from tbl_cal
    where fld_date between '2/1/2005' and timestamp '2/1/2005' + abs(4 * 7) * interval '1 day'
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