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    Question Unanswered: HELP WITH MDE Database


    I want to lock down my DB but want the user to have the ability to change the text in a letter that they print out each year. Each year the location and some description changes. This letter is used in a mail out.

    I created a button that they press which opens up the letter (report) and they can then edit, however, after making the DB into an MDE file, they are not able to.

    How can I get around this problem. Please help.

    Thanks guys!

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    smartest soultion to this issue (in my view) would be to use the DB to provide the data to the user as a query that they can use in say Word or some other program

    let the users do what ever the heck they like with the letter..

    that way round you get the finesse of the word processign for the layout & fortmatting and the data form the MDE.

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    Another alternative (assuming that there are only minor text changes to the report) is to store the text in a table and allow the user to edit this.

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    I agree with pootle flump. If you're only talking about a few lines changing make up a small table to hold these values, allowing the end user to change them at will. I always have a form in my apps named frmLetterhead. The end user gets to enter their company name, address, phone/fax numbers and URL. Then anytime a document is produced that requires it this data is incorporated in the report. The company can easily change any of this data as it changes. The problem with depending on a document in say, MS Word, is that you're dependent not only on them having and keeping Word on all machines they may use for your app in the future, but on M$ not changing the way Access works with future versions of Word. Just MHO!
    Hope this helps!

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    Thanks guys I will try what you advise. I was already thinking about keeping the text in a table and let them alter the table. Maybe that is the way I will go.

    Thank you!

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