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    Red face Unanswered: Help required with Sybase ct_fetch()

    Hi friends, we are developing an application which conencts to several databases. We didnt have problems with other databases but with Sybase we are facing problems while fetching. fetch-next works fine. But we see no means by which we can position the cursor while fetching since ct_fetch() API by default retrieves the next row in the database. Is there any means by which we can position the cursor to the desired row before fetching? We are declaring a normal cursor. We are using C++ with QT for coding purposes. So any help would be really appreciated. We need a way to set the cursor position else the other way seems to be prefetching the rows and then picking out the desired row. Thank you and Cheers!!!!

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    You submit an SQL command to Sybase. Sybase returns the result set to the client. You must always fetch all the results (unless you ct_cancel). You can use the array binding functionality of ct_fetch to retrieve batches of results.

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